Color temperature insulating glass is colored optical glass, it is used in shadowless lamp.It is about 4500K color temperature control, and heat resistance is at 200-250 ℃.Color temperature insulating glass is a not been coated, light is also never change optical materials.
Main apply: medical equipment shadowless lamp. 

1. Color:the color values of standard illumination in A and D65

Type SG4100
Thickness (mm) 4
A X 0.439
Y 0.412
Y 88.7
D65 X 0.309
Y 0.332
Y 88.9


2. Refractive index measure up to insulation glass

Function (color rendering index) >93%
Color temperature 4200K
Infrared ray insulating
Chemical Stability DA2   DW2
Thermal performance(a*10-7) 59
transition temperature(Tg) 587
Softening temperature(Ts) 656


Type Thickness (mm) 365(mm) 500(mm) 600(mm) 700(mm) 800(mm) 900(mm) 1000(mm)
SG4100 4 84.93 71.49 49.92 34.32 5.86 0.41 0.06


3. Transmittance