Quartz glass

Technique index sign:  

      1.Material:Quartz glass JGS1.JGS2.JGS3 either through the far ultraviolet, but also through the visible and near infrared spectroscopy.Very small thermal expansion coefficient, chemical stability, bubbles, stripes, uniformity, there can birefringence comparable with the general optical glass;200 nm to 2500 nm spectral range of a full range of optical glass

      2.Surface quantity:0/0,40/2080/50

      3.Surface accuracy:1/10 into,1/4 into2 into

      4.Thickness business trip:±0.01mm±0.02mm

      5.Center deviation:5Arc second1Arc Minute

      6.Process the scope:The thickness is the most thin to attain 0.2 mm


      8.The steel turns

Product elucidation:

       Used in military, lasers, metallurgy, optical instruments, stage lighting industry, high-temperature window.The product's craft forerunner, quantity is dependable and produce the period short, the batch quantity is big to deliver goods quick, the price is low.

JGS1 quartz plates & quartz discs
The JGS1 quartz glass is a kind of far ultraviolet quartz glass material.It has best transmission of ultraviolet rays in quartz glass.Extremely high purity of SiO2 which is over 99.9999%.It's also named synthetic quartz,specially used for water purification,ozone generation,chemical processing etc.
This JGS1 quartz glass is a high purity synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide manufactured by flame hydrolysis, which has properties such as high purity, exceptional transmittance, well homogeneity, very low birefringence, no straie, no granular structures, no bubbles, no inclusions, no fluorescence, outstanding laser injury resistant, and also it combines other quartz's thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties. It is very applicable to use in the near-infrared, visible and deep UV spectral range of optical and various high-tech areas.
As the product is produced by hydroxide flame hydrolysis, so it contained hydroxyhigher and in 1.4 µm, 2.2 µm, 2.7 µm absorption exist.

Spectral Transmission at 1.0mm Thickness:


JGS2 quartz plates & quartz discs
The most popular high purity (SiO2 over 99.99%) quartz glass window is made of material JGS2 in China,this material is made by flame fusing.It is widely used in semiconductor and solar industry,for making optical quartz glass parts such as slides,quartz lens,prism,observation window etc.Another two kind of quartz material is JGS1-far ultraviolet opticla quartz glass and JGS3-infrared optical quartz glass.
Quartz Basic Characteristics:

a.       The average thermal expansion coefficient at 0 ~ 1000℃ is 5.4 x 10-7/℃

b.      Recrystallization temperature: Initial temperature is about 1000℃, while the dirty surface will cool down the recrystallizaion temperature and speed up the recrystallization process

c.       Normal operating temperature:

          Continuous usage:    About 1050℃
          Non-continuous usage: About 1250℃

d.      Characteristic temperature:

          Strain temperature:         About 1075℃
          Anneal temperature:        About 1180℃
          Hot processing temperature:  About 1700~2100℃

Material: JGS2, equivalent to GE214,made by flame fused,small or none tiny gas bubbles,SiO2 over 99.99%,OH content around 120ppm,most common material for optical application,it's chemcial composition as below(only for reference):

chemical composition (unit:ppm)

al fe ca mg ti pb mn ni co cu k na li b
10-30 0.4-1 0.18-2 1 1.4 0.1 0.024 0.1 - 0.012 2 2 0.2 0.3

spectral transmission at 1.0mm thickness:


JGS3 quartz plates & quartz discs
The JGS3 quartz material is a kind of infrared optical quartz glass which is good transmission at far infrared range.

Spectral Transmission at 1.0mm Thickness: